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Monday, January 24, 2011

Dream Worlds.

Check out this infant photography done by Artist Adele Enerson.... I wish I could dream like this darling baby. Adele uses clothing, fabrics, and other various household objects to bring to life a very imaginative world that the baby might be dreaming about at the time... I know what I'm doing when I am a bored mother on maternity leave... Or, perhaps with the little additions to the family coming this Summer, I will have to do a version of my own when I am babysitting!

"Bunny Wabbit"


"Imaginary Friend"

"It's a jungle out there"


"A Rain of Roses"

"Mushroom Wonderland"

"Space Odyssey 2010"

{my personal favorite}

"Princess & the Pea"

"Baby Poppins"

"Little Pink Riding hood"

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Bag that has "Moore": The Kelly Moore Bag

For all you photographers out there- either hobbyists or professionals, I am sure you have come across the same problem I have, WHERE can I find a bag that doesn't scream "I am an expensive camera, come steal me!" It is very difficult to find "camera purses", as I like to call them, that have a fashion-forward style of an everyday purse, but the function of a safe and durable camera bag. After hours...days... heck, over a MONTH searching the Internet, I have finally found a collection of bags that are perfect for my wish list!

It is called the Kelly Moore Bag, and comes in a variety of styles for both men and women. Good luck choosing the one that is best for you... it took me awhile to pick my favorite! However, I finally decided on the B-Hobo bag in the mustard yellow color.
Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag (taking pre-orders on her website now)

I LOVED all of the others (if only I could have one of each) but I think this one was the most versatile for me... It can be converted into an everyday purse, is a neutral color that will be good year-round, and is just the right size for me! Kelly's bags stood out to me because you can really tell she took her time with the design process, thinking about how all of these bags could function to their most potential (the 'Posey' bag is genius with the front pocket that folds down for all of your credit cards!) She has a video tutorial for each bag as well, so make sure to watch them to see how they lay on the body and how much equipment they can hold.
Kelly Moore 'Posey" Bag
I am sooo excited for it to arrive Mid-March, it will be a perfect home for the Nikon DSLR I received for Christmas! Can't wait to see what else she comes up with in future designs!

Interested? Blog about her bags and receive $30 off of an upcoming order! I think I would have blogged about these bags regardless, but this is definitely an added incentive ;)

Here is a link to her website, as well as the blog with all the information about the $30 discount!