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Monday, February 28, 2011

Goldilocks finds "The Rainbow House"

I stumbled upon the image below, and was instantly intrigued. I did some digging, and found this video tour of a home by AB Rogers Design in London... If this space doesn't inspire a child's imagination, I'm not sure what does! I'd take playtime here any day... I'd also like to know where these fabulous floor are from, too.

Oscar Nights "Best Dressed"

Alright everyone, not only is it Mama Bos' annual "ironing night", but it is also that time of year when we get to see some true Hollywood Glamour. Here are some of our favorites from last nights Academy Awards.

We can't start out without mentioning the lady of the night, Ms. Anne Hathaway. It is obvious that it was a very red 'red carpet', and Anne started us off right with this vintage scarlet Valentino gown. With the ever-popular designer in arm, it was quite quite an entrance. It was our personal favorite of the EIGHT outfit changes she had throughout the night...

 We haven't seen the movie "Winter's Bone yet, so this years breakout actress and lady in red, Jennifer Lawrence, was a new and fresh face for us to look at. With minimal jewelry and a seemingly perfect figure, she really looked like an elegant bombshell in this Calvin Klein Collection gown.

We won't mention the Country Strong performance of "Coming Home" by Gweneth Paltrow, but her Calvin Klein metallic gold gown, on the other hand, was something to talk about. This dress really pulled out this stars true beauty.

Last, but most definitely not least, we have the stars of Black Swan. Mila Kunis captured her role as a ballerina perfectly in this Elie Saab chiffon and lace lavender gown. Not only was her hair and makeup just as stunning as the dress, but we have to give her props for keeping that cleavage under control. Job well done, Mila.... you looked beautiful.

Best dressed. Best hair. Best makeup. Best "baby bump"... Natalie Portman takes the Academy Award for all of the above with this custom Rodarte off-the-shoulder maternity dress. I don't think it was an upset or surprise when she took away the Oscar for Best Actress. She looked glowing. Not to mention, I think we all appreciated her well-practiced acceptance speech. Didn't tug at our emotions too much, but I think she did a great job with thanking all the right people, especially the ones that sometimes go unmentioned.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Whoopi-di DO

Looking for a creative and yummy Valentine's Day treat idea? I know Jess and I need NO more sweets in our house, but I don't know if we are going to be able to say no to making these: Red Velvet Whoopie Pie Recipe

Looking for a healthier option, perhaps? Try this re-make of your classic "Toad-in-the-hole", "Egg in the Nest" or as I like to call them "Sunshine Eggs". What a great Valentine's Day Breakfast

Tea Party anyone?

As the Superbowl gets closer, keep an eye out for this creative (and feminine) commercial for Lipton's Light Green & White Tea. I'll try this asap if its gonna make me feel this light....

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dream Worlds.

Check out this infant photography done by Artist Adele Enerson.... I wish I could dream like this darling baby. Adele uses clothing, fabrics, and other various household objects to bring to life a very imaginative world that the baby might be dreaming about at the time... I know what I'm doing when I am a bored mother on maternity leave... Or, perhaps with the little additions to the family coming this Summer, I will have to do a version of my own when I am babysitting!

"Bunny Wabbit"


"Imaginary Friend"

"It's a jungle out there"


"A Rain of Roses"

"Mushroom Wonderland"

"Space Odyssey 2010"

{my personal favorite}

"Princess & the Pea"

"Baby Poppins"

"Little Pink Riding hood"

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Bag that has "Moore": The Kelly Moore Bag

For all you photographers out there- either hobbyists or professionals, I am sure you have come across the same problem I have, WHERE can I find a bag that doesn't scream "I am an expensive camera, come steal me!" It is very difficult to find "camera purses", as I like to call them, that have a fashion-forward style of an everyday purse, but the function of a safe and durable camera bag. After hours...days... heck, over a MONTH searching the Internet, I have finally found a collection of bags that are perfect for my wish list!

It is called the Kelly Moore Bag, and comes in a variety of styles for both men and women. Good luck choosing the one that is best for you... it took me awhile to pick my favorite! However, I finally decided on the B-Hobo bag in the mustard yellow color.
Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag (taking pre-orders on her website now)

I LOVED all of the others (if only I could have one of each) but I think this one was the most versatile for me... It can be converted into an everyday purse, is a neutral color that will be good year-round, and is just the right size for me! Kelly's bags stood out to me because you can really tell she took her time with the design process, thinking about how all of these bags could function to their most potential (the 'Posey' bag is genius with the front pocket that folds down for all of your credit cards!) She has a video tutorial for each bag as well, so make sure to watch them to see how they lay on the body and how much equipment they can hold.
Kelly Moore 'Posey" Bag
I am sooo excited for it to arrive Mid-March, it will be a perfect home for the Nikon DSLR I received for Christmas! Can't wait to see what else she comes up with in future designs!

Interested? Blog about her bags and receive $30 off of an upcoming order! I think I would have blogged about these bags regardless, but this is definitely an added incentive ;)

Here is a link to her website, as well as the blog with all the information about the $30 discount!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wall flowers

Awhile ago Jess and I posted some pictures of some of the wall decor in our apartment, and I have been meaning to show you all what I added to the window in my room a few months ago! This is a cheap and EASY way to get a more personalized version of those adorable flower wall flowers you may have come across while browsing the aisles of Target or IKEA. My tip is to make double the amount of flowers you think you will need, with all different papers selections. Then, glue them back to back so when you roll the ends you can see both designs! You could also buy cute double sided paper, but I liked how sturdy using the two pieces made the flowers feel... I also used some of that sticky wall gummy stuff (no idea what the 'technical' name for it is) to mount them instead of using the tacks (and adding even more holes in the wall.) Here is the link to the pattern you can download: http://www.billiemonster.com/blog/article/monster-printables-paper-wallflowers-make-me-happy


I realize this is like the fourth post just this weekend, so after a month of posting next to nothing, I'm sure all you followers are just overwhelmed with visual stimulation. So here's a little more for you to oooh and ahh over. I wish I could call all of these items my own... Until then, I have some new ideas to inspire me for my next furniture refurbishments!
This makes me smile... do you see why? :)

I've gotta have an old bucket like this laying around somewhere...

Home for the Holidays

Since this winter storm is preventing me from doing anything but browse the internet, blog, and then blog some more, I thought I would take the time to finally post some pictures of what Christmas looks like over at the Bosworth household (there are a few from Thanksgiving at the McClure's, as well)...  We have yet to take any decent pictures of our apartment holiday decor (so you can still look forward to those). In the mean time, these snapshots should tide you over, and give you a little inspiration for new ideas... Shout out to Mamma Bos for yet another year of great decorations!
Thanksgiving table settings

too bad the star at the top got cut off!

Every Christmas Tree must have an Elf Shelf!

Snow babies :)

Mistletoe Santa's hand painted by my Mom!

Have a collection of broaches that you're not sure what to do with? This could be done with some old buttons or earrings, too