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Monday, January 24, 2011

Dream Worlds.

Check out this infant photography done by Artist Adele Enerson.... I wish I could dream like this darling baby. Adele uses clothing, fabrics, and other various household objects to bring to life a very imaginative world that the baby might be dreaming about at the time... I know what I'm doing when I am a bored mother on maternity leave... Or, perhaps with the little additions to the family coming this Summer, I will have to do a version of my own when I am babysitting!

"Bunny Wabbit"


"Imaginary Friend"

"It's a jungle out there"


"A Rain of Roses"

"Mushroom Wonderland"

"Space Odyssey 2010"

{my personal favorite}

"Princess & the Pea"

"Baby Poppins"

"Little Pink Riding hood"

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