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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wall flowers

Awhile ago Jess and I posted some pictures of some of the wall decor in our apartment, and I have been meaning to show you all what I added to the window in my room a few months ago! This is a cheap and EASY way to get a more personalized version of those adorable flower wall flowers you may have come across while browsing the aisles of Target or IKEA. My tip is to make double the amount of flowers you think you will need, with all different papers selections. Then, glue them back to back so when you roll the ends you can see both designs! You could also buy cute double sided paper, but I liked how sturdy using the two pieces made the flowers feel... I also used some of that sticky wall gummy stuff (no idea what the 'technical' name for it is) to mount them instead of using the tacks (and adding even more holes in the wall.) Here is the link to the pattern you can download: http://www.billiemonster.com/blog/article/monster-printables-paper-wallflowers-make-me-happy


I realize this is like the fourth post just this weekend, so after a month of posting next to nothing, I'm sure all you followers are just overwhelmed with visual stimulation. So here's a little more for you to oooh and ahh over. I wish I could call all of these items my own... Until then, I have some new ideas to inspire me for my next furniture refurbishments!
This makes me smile... do you see why? :)

I've gotta have an old bucket like this laying around somewhere...

Home for the Holidays

Since this winter storm is preventing me from doing anything but browse the internet, blog, and then blog some more, I thought I would take the time to finally post some pictures of what Christmas looks like over at the Bosworth household (there are a few from Thanksgiving at the McClure's, as well)...  We have yet to take any decent pictures of our apartment holiday decor (so you can still look forward to those). In the mean time, these snapshots should tide you over, and give you a little inspiration for new ideas... Shout out to Mamma Bos for yet another year of great decorations!
Thanksgiving table settings

too bad the star at the top got cut off!

Every Christmas Tree must have an Elf Shelf!

Snow babies :)

Mistletoe Santa's hand painted by my Mom!

Have a collection of broaches that you're not sure what to do with? This could be done with some old buttons or earrings, too

A little string goes a long way...

After watching a Martha Stewart Christmas special on TiVo today, and then after browsing one of my favorite sites, craftgawker.com,  I thought these string balls deserved a little attention... all you need are some balloons, glue, and maybe a little glitter and/or paint
I can just envision these painted in a bright color, or wrapped in white Christmas lights this holiday season...

Ornaments featured on Martha Stewart's Christmas episode

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Capture your Pinterests...

Hey everyone!

From here on out,  Jess and I are going to [try] to promise to never go this long without blogging! It has been wayyyy too many days since we've updated this thing, but hopefully after the holidays we will both be adding much more on here to keep your attention (please don't delete us from your daily sites to check!! :) )

I wanted to quick let you all know about my new favorite website (which I'll admit, has been distracting me from updating our blog more often). The website is called Pinterest, maybe you've heard of it? It is "a social catalog to collect and share things you love." If you aren't seeing much action happening on our blog, please check out my pinterest page (as I have found its easier for me to update this than the blog, sometimes) Anyway, here is the link to my page, let me know if you'd like me to send you an invite to join so you can start one of your own! Personally, I am using my page as inspiration for design ideas, so you will see a lot of DIY/ home decorating things on here :)



My friend Elissa (who told me about this) also has a great page... She has been doing this much longer than me, so she definitely has some GREAT pins to check out! Here is the link to hers as well:

P.S. Check back shortly for some pictures of our holiday decor here in apartment 2!