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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Capture your Pinterests...

Hey everyone!

From here on out,  Jess and I are going to [try] to promise to never go this long without blogging! It has been wayyyy too many days since we've updated this thing, but hopefully after the holidays we will both be adding much more on here to keep your attention (please don't delete us from your daily sites to check!! :) )

I wanted to quick let you all know about my new favorite website (which I'll admit, has been distracting me from updating our blog more often). The website is called Pinterest, maybe you've heard of it? It is "a social catalog to collect and share things you love." If you aren't seeing much action happening on our blog, please check out my pinterest page (as I have found its easier for me to update this than the blog, sometimes) Anyway, here is the link to my page, let me know if you'd like me to send you an invite to join so you can start one of your own! Personally, I am using my page as inspiration for design ideas, so you will see a lot of DIY/ home decorating things on here :)



My friend Elissa (who told me about this) also has a great page... She has been doing this much longer than me, so she definitely has some GREAT pins to check out! Here is the link to hers as well:

P.S. Check back shortly for some pictures of our holiday decor here in apartment 2!


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  1. thanks, lady love! i missed you around here. glad you're back blogging! hope to see you next weekend!