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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wall flowers

Awhile ago Jess and I posted some pictures of some of the wall decor in our apartment, and I have been meaning to show you all what I added to the window in my room a few months ago! This is a cheap and EASY way to get a more personalized version of those adorable flower wall flowers you may have come across while browsing the aisles of Target or IKEA. My tip is to make double the amount of flowers you think you will need, with all different papers selections. Then, glue them back to back so when you roll the ends you can see both designs! You could also buy cute double sided paper, but I liked how sturdy using the two pieces made the flowers feel... I also used some of that sticky wall gummy stuff (no idea what the 'technical' name for it is) to mount them instead of using the tacks (and adding even more holes in the wall.) Here is the link to the pattern you can download: http://www.billiemonster.com/blog/article/monster-printables-paper-wallflowers-make-me-happy

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